Apple Fanboy reacts to Samsung's "Moving On" ad

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  1. M0neY M0ns3R says:

    Imagine having to buy a second dongle to charge and listen to music or pay for expensive Bluetooth earphones i think airpods are $150 I can buy a brand new Samsung phone for $130 depending on what modle

  2. fudge [J/] says:

    Apple is literally the most shady company i've come across.
    How could you fags literally buy the same shit every year for twice the price of the last one, with minimal software improvements and overall shitty quality each time. Their Mac computers are made so you can't repair them, so you're basically FORCED to buy a new computer, sometimes with less compatibility and less ports. Inb4 Apple releases a Macbook without a keyboard, so you'll have to buy a keyboard and a keyboard dongle.

    Seriously though, just buy a fucking PC, or build one yourself.

  3. ExoticButters_ BOI420 says:

    "Headphone jack is for losers"

    Says a person without a functional brain.

  4. Mike B says:

    I understand the ad. It seems like apple had been falling further and further behind in the phone market. Samsung is just emphasizing this.

  5. Gettriggered Gaming says:

    1:15 Well, It's better to HAVE 1 than to not have one since most earbuds use the 3.5mm jack. Isheep.

  6. Patrick Bennett says:

    LMAO at "Apple World" as many dislikes as likes, you act like you are happy to be A sheep, Funny thing is your pos Apple lost it's headphone jack so I guess that makes you the loser? bahahaha

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