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  1. Devin Drewery says:

    Apple has been far from the best ever since the 6 when samsung really pushed to have the most speced out phone

  2. Mikayel Jamalyan says:

    1:50 yes true but you dont need an upgrade cuz most apps on Android still work on 4.4 and my old ipad on ios 9 cant even run word cuz it is outdated but my moms tablet on 4.2 can run word

  3. Metal Head says:

    i had an iphone 5s for one year…huge mistake that cost me money…now i am back with android with one reason only…i can do whatever i want not whatever they want! apple phones are beautiful but they are so closec that are useless…sorry but iphones are useless machines…if you have a tool you want to use it not stare at it…about your comparison was really good and thank you for your time!

  4. Pradeep Nagila says:

    agreed that last one
    android specific stuff for specific phone.They are not all-rounder.
    apple same stuff in all phone. Allrounder.

    i love android n apple.but if i have to choose the quality then i choose apple.(1k$ android phone comes with huge blast one day and after 1 year or little more the price downs to 400$ so does the overall experience.whatever latest specs. of android phone u use,….within like 1 year u dont know how many time u will reset it. but apple phone has the quality.dont reset it for more than one or more years, still its has same new experience)

  5. James Edwards says:

    the reason they don't update android phones after a while is because the phone runs worse with the update if the hardware doesn't support it but you can get custom roms if your into that sort of thing.

  6. Yash Budhiraja says:

    The app store argument can go both ways. While all your previous apps you paid for are on ITunes, with Android , you can use any manufacturers device and still have your apps via your google account

  7. Beyblade AMV's says:

    There are over 6000 apps on android a nd something close to 5000 on ios so the final ios pro is wrong

  8. Ayatulloh End says:

    upgradability…..yeah…..because oneplus use cyanogen os, if u want pure android, compare with nexus……

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