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  1. The Gray Penguin says:

    This phone packaging like like it is a ripoff. I have suspicious about if the Phone is real. SO FAR. Please reply of what u think.


    if ur going to get a Android. really do your research on it. I got the ZTE ZMAX PRO and I did slot of research on it. and I am incredibly happy with it. and why the Nexus???

  3. EVIL PICKLE says:

    get the marshmallow version im a android fanboy and know what im talking about i have the lg stylo 2 with the new marshmallow version and it's freaking fast!

  4. Sean Archer says:

    that phone is used, it isnt brand new because also the plastic rap around the phone isnt like the brand new ones that i saw or that u just got scammed boi

  5. ZrAckl Fr1 says:

    both are amazing but ios is just a show off brand as in hardly anyone buys it for the performance its just for the logo on the back nothing else but there are only a few people who buy one for the performance

  6. Pudding says:

    You are very open minded for an Apple fanboy. Some of my friends are apple fanboys and they wont even consider using a windows PC or an android phone. Its good to stay open minded otherwise companies can manipulate you.

  7. Pudding says:

    Android phones are faster. They have faster cpu's and more powerful gpu's. But are harder to use if you are a grandad.

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