Apple Fanboy tries surviving with Samsung Galaxy S9 for a week

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  1. karthik vv says:

    Iphone is easier because ur use to….I had iphone 7 damm it's confusing sold it

  2. Niupi3 niupi3 says:

    Look I have used both IOs and androide and tobme there is nothing complicated about androide or ios there both great operating sistems.But as you state in the video androide is more customisable (I love how you try to spin that as a con) also you fail to agnolege the fact that you can emulate old games on your androide unlike iphone and the sansum S9 is more durable. Almost forgot don't tell smeone to spend $800 bucks on a phone to test it for a week are u dumb.

  3. Héctor Da Silva Sojo says:

    '' Android is so confusing to use '' dude, come on… Both OS's are great, the thing is that there are lots of people who are used to each of them separately, that is it. If '' Android sucks '' why do not you make an OS yourself ?.

    By the way, at least you recognize the work they put on the smartphone, nice video, regards.

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