Apple Fanboy Unboxes Samsung Galaxy Note 9! | Note 9 Unboxing & First Impressions

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  1. Natalie Carpenter says:

    Also, the iPhone x is ugly and nothing near as good as my galaxy s9. The options on this phone is immense

  2. Natalie Carpenter says:

    I just got my galaxy s9 and I already love it. Last time I had an iPhone, I had to replace it 3 times due to software failure and screen problems (kept cracking, even when I never dropped it). But, the note 9 is a MONSTER compared to the iPhone x. The only reason why I did not pick up the note 9, is because I picked up my current phone almost a year later when the galaxy s10 will be coming out in a few months. I might wait a little longer to pick up the note 10 but I want my taste on the s10.

  3. KMichelle Argus says:

    I'm 5' 1 and have no problem with one handed operation of 99.9% of features only thing I can't do one handed is type

  4. Ashish M says:

    I am using note 9 but I feel that iphone xs max ui and software are smoother. Curved screen which was a unique feature of the past creates problems with phone ergonomics

  5. Tracy Jackson says:

    Samsung has one handed operation where u shrink the screen for 1 handed use

  6. Angino Pectoris says:

    Sorry Sir but this is a big joke. There are lot of things you can do with the note 9 that the iphone can't. That makes comparing them really pointless.

  7. K-lege says:

    That ecosystem though Samsung just can’t compete it was designed to lure you in and keep you there!

  8. kristian strid says:

    Apple Fanboy Unboxes Samsung Galaxy Note 9! | Note 9 Unboxing & First Impressions,

    Just say, Note 9 unboxing, Jesus krise

  9. TheCubing Nut says:

    i just got the note 9, only problem is how big it is, hardly fits in any of my pockets and is a little awkward to hold with one hand. Apart from that it's by far the best phone i've owned

  10. JP S says:

    Fast charger? ????
    Free case? ?????
    No difference in image!!! ? Almost forgot the pen? !!
    Wtf man. Can’t make an honest opinion.

  11. AreYouDavid? says:

    Lol, the main thing Samsung users talk about is customisation… I have Note 8 and still haven't customised anything other than a google search bar on the home page.

  12. Bitplex says:

    Title says "apple fanboy", then 3 min into the video, "my next video will be the first 9 things you should do when you get your note 9", which is a direct regurgitation of many other more loyal android friendly consumer videos out there. So this is such a cash grab.

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