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  1. magicmuchenshrooms , says:

    Bruh, u seem like a nice guy but please don't be disrespectful to a guy who sends you a phone to unbox


    I don't know who the hell you are, but I'm also an apple fanboy, and we should stick together. so I subscribed

  3. Karol Kedzierski says:

    How somebody must be mentally poor to become a fan of an electronic device.. Even for money.. But we all know that its not only for money…

  4. potatoplayzz games says:

    All my friends like Apple they fangirl over it and make fun of me for liking android and haven't even touched an android phone other than there outdated hardware that's another reason I hate Apple

  5. falafel dürüm says:

    setting up Android takes less than 30 or even less than 20s – or you created a google account, that's your fault

  6. falafel dürüm says:

    google pixel is something for developers and people than want freedom – not for dudes like you

  7. Kinz Largo says:

    I gotta admit that i'm an apple fanboy aswell but jesus for the love of god please handle that shit with care. You're throwing it like it's nothing smh

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