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    there will never be another product as ubiquitous as the smartphone in our lifetime. the only thing everybody has is a cell phone

  2. Keith Christensen says:

    The SE was never meant to be the new iPhone it was during their March event, it was not the only product released at that event, you want more than bigger and faster iPhone? What other company gave their phones Truly innovative features that met your expectations? Or are you just complaining that you want something more without knowing what you want? I suppose Apple could make a phone that could make toast. That would be innovative and different. Watch a summary of the keynotes on YouTube afterwards if you think they are boring, put on an iPhone case,

  3. xblackcatx13 666 says:

    They absolutely suck now. I gave up on them two years ago. Guess what, Android is better.

  4. George Scott says:

    I think you need to make a new version of this video discussing the iPhone with a shared charging/headphone port. And the MacBook with only ONE usb-c port instead of usb ports and a power port. Charge and listen to music? Nope, charge your computer and watch a DVD? Nope. In fact, there's not even a disk drive included, you can buy that along with the $50 adapter they sell after you've spent over $1000 dollars for an underperforming computer. You could pay less and get more but people still like the rip off monopoly that Apple has become. – Former Apple Fanboy

  5. adzplus1 says:

    I was only an apple fan for the ipad and macbook pro, but now that even changed after they removed all the ports and did not really create anything innovative
    With phones, my first phone was a sidekick, then a blackberry, and after that an lg android, then samsung s3 and now samsung note 5. I never really liked the iphone. To me android is way more useful and if it is performance that you want get samsung s7 or wait for the next note

  6. Lukie Vie says:

    There are just i why apple just can't create some new thing like Rphone is good too just don't create so many thing the same apple is suck now but i'm still a iphone user

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