Apple Finally Gave Its Computers a Long-Needed Upgrade


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Apple Finally Gave Its Computers a Big UpgradeCourtesy

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Finally, Apple is returning the Mac to its roots. Once again the mega name is creating powerful, well-designed, practical products. With the new MacBook Pro and Mac mini, and the M2 chip powering these models, we’re back to paying for power instead of brand with Apple. Back between the early 2000’s to the mid 2010’s, you either had or knew someone who had an iMac in the family computer room. It was cool. It was ahead of its time.

There was a reason for that. Mac OS may be rigid compared to some more open source operating systems, but that’s what makes it such a great family computer. It’s easy to use, powerful, and was a great preliminary creative teaching tool for kids and adults alike.

The problem was that for the last five to seven years (not that we’re counting) Apple, as a whole, had a sort of fall from grace. Inflated prices, lackluster power, and some silly “innovations” (I’m looking at you, MacBook Pro touch bar). And it was sad. While everyone’s got their own preferences and breaking points, it pushed me to take the Microsoft plunge. Imagine that. A designer, animator, and creative, leaving Apple? Unheard of. Now I’m no Apple fan boy, nor a mortal enemy, but I try to not make blood oaths to any company. This time around, the suitors over on the Mac team won me back over with humility, invention, and a remarkable new little chip.

Two years ago, Apple launched the Apple silicon, A.K.A. the M1 processor. But who cares, really? What does that mean and how does it help? Well, the long and short of it is that the M1 is a chip built by Apple, for Apple computers, and it kicks ass. Previously, Apple used chips from Intel and other big brands. To be clear, those brands make killer chips, but it was like mixing Legos and Mega Blocks. Sure, it will work, but not as well as it could.

With the power of silicon and a return to traditional power house design, these laptops became exponentially better. But until this year, the chips were reserved for more expensive MacBook Pro models, all be it cheaper than previous MacBook Pros….