Apple finally gave us the emoji we needed most: the tamale


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Apple is finally speaking my language, releasing a Texas favorite among its newest emojis: the mighty tamale.

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Aside from including more animals (go bisons!), Apple added a bevy of food items I can now throw in those messages to family and friends to let them know it’s tamale season.

There is finally a tamale emoji, as well as green bell pepper and flatbread emojis. The flatbread looks like a tortilla, so I’m claiming it as such.

Apple also included a version of the conga which it calls a “long drum,” along with a new accordion emoji reminding me of the musical genius of Flaco Jimenez.

You can’t have a party without games, and I was elated to see a pinata emoji included in the mix for all those children’s parties we go to.

While there’s a slew of other emojis including the now-ubiquitous medical mask, it was refreshing to see the new lineup feature a diverse array of cultural staples.