Apple Fitness Plus: A light and casual exercise regimen, or full health club replacement?

In mid-December, just before the holiday break, Apple released Fitness Plus, its streaming guided video workout service that integrates with Apple Watch, the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

For those who have also subscribed to Apple One Premier, the Fitness Plus service is included in the $29.95 per month fee. While I have been using an Apple Watch for about three years, I wasn’t the right candidate to put this thing through its paces.

I wanted to enlist someone intimately familiar with daily workout routines and health clubs to really put Fitness Plus to the test: My wife, Rachel. After having used the service for three weeks, she has an interesting perspective on her experience and is here to tell us about what’s good and what’s not so good about Apple’s new virtual health club offering. 

Also: What is Apple One, how much is it, and what’s included?

Should you take the plunge? 

Let’s find out. 

Jason Perlow: Rachel, before using Fitness Plus, you had been actively going to the gym for about five years before the pandemic started. Can you explain what happened since then?

Rachel Perlow: As you said, I went to the gym almost daily. I began with a trainer for a year or so; then, I started going to classes. In February, people started talking about the pandemic, then in March about closings. Several of us talked to one of our favorite instructors about what we would do if the gym closed. We discussed going to parks together, but that seemed unwise. Plus, it’s hot in Florida! So in March, when the gym really did close, our instructor, Rose, set up a private Facebook page and started doing live-streamed classes every morning. It was almost like being at the gym! We were all working out together and could post questions or encouragement to each other.

Over the summer, the gyms reopened. Rose continued to do videos a couple of times a week, but it wasn’t every day. Thankfully, by then, we had over 100 videos archived. You were uncomfortable with me returning to the gym, so I continued to do these archived workouts instead.

Jason Perlow: So, when we signed up for