Apple fixes 6 malicious apps posing as Adobe Flash installers: Know details

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Apple fixes malicious apps

The malicious apps masquerading as Adobe Flash installer are not going to go away anytime soon as Apple has once again fixed six more such apps. Cybercriminals managed to pass malicious apps through the Apple app “notarization” process for the second time this year, reports ZDNet.

The malware passed through the strict Apple “notarisation” process that scans an app for security issues. Once approved, Mac’s in-built security screening software called “Gatekeeper” allowed the app to run.

Once added to the GateKeeper whitelist, notarized apps can be opened and installed with a simple click, without any warnings or popups. “App notarization has been mandatory for all apps that want to run on Apple’s newest macOS releases, like Catalina and Big Sur”.

The six new notarised apps posed as Flash installers. Once installed, the apps would download and install the OSX/MacOffers adware. OSX/MacOffers is known for modifying the search engine in the victim’s browser.

The six malicious apps have now been de-notarised by Apple. Adobe is set to retire Flash at the end of the year and people are advised not to download Flash installers.

For close to two years, the Shlayer Trojan has been the most common threat on the Apple macOS platform.

In August, Apple fixed a malware disguised as an update for Adobe Flash player that slipped through its toughest security screening software and got approved for its Mac desktops.

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