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  1. Apple Cultists! says:

    At 3:45, they predicted that would be what people be doing in 2010, she says "from the last 20 years" and it starts from 1990 to 2010. The iPad was launched in… 2010. Apple = Illuminati Confirmed

  2. Graham Kennedy says:

    You know what's really creepy? I just said "Hey Siri… show me some articles on deforestation." And she did. :)

    I'm living the dream, man!

  3. Keith Gardner says:

    I still aspire to an office like this! We do have Siri and other bits of the package, but nothing that approaches this level of integration. Maybe one day I'll be able to share videos back and forth, make changes in real time, and get them to print when I need them, with a natural language speech interface. One can dream.

  4. Macreviewz says:

    this "calm " future….Star Trek like… yet ….what happened is… billions of crazies…addicted to 800 dollar , tiny font, square smartphones, constantly F-ing around on the screen, scrolling, pressing, touching, snapping…. – where is the sense of cmlmth & luxury??? we're 30 years away from this future… moving too slow…still device oriented…need to be content focused!…Mind focused…life focused!

  5. Deadspace Nightmare says:

    Really primitive future vision compared with the real 2010s, the 1990s, 1980s and earlier did not have a high tech sophisticated vision of the future.

  6. Mike Murray says:

    This is an original Apple promo done YEARS ago and YES it does show the company's vision way back then. I know because I'm an Apple old timer from 84. Siri is, in my opinion, a pre-curser of whats to come based on this vision. Funny comments here from young folks…

  7. Tim Walker says:

    Assuming this short film from Apple really does date from 1987 (and I'm inclined to believe so), it's remarkable how much they predicted correctly. Wireless access to the Internet is especially impressive here – 1987 is the pre-Web era, and the Internet was the preserve of universities and the military. OK, we're behind on the computer AI, but the rest is surprisingly well-guessed for the time.

  8. Anglynn74 says:

    they had touch screens in the late 80s.  Our local grocery store around that time, 87, had computers at the end of some aisles where you could search for food items to see what aisle they were in, you had a keyboard to search for the items but when you found it you touched the screen to get more information, was high tech at that time.  they did away with them at that store for some reason but they were very helpful.

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