Apple granted patent for moving about in a computer-generated reality setting

Apple has been granted a patent (number 11,320,659) for moving about in a computer-generated reality setting. It involves the rumored “Apple Glasses,” an augmented reality/virtual reality headset.

About the patent

In the patent Apple notes that conventional electronic devices include a screen that displays a view of a computer simulated reality (CSR) setting and include input mechanisms to receive user input. Responsive to receiving user input, the displayed view of the CSR setting changes. As perceived by a user of the electronic device, such changing can represent movement about the CSR setting. 

The patent describes techniques for moving about a CSR setting. Apple says that, as CSR applications become more ubiquitous, there’s need for techniques for quickly and efficiently moving about CSR settings. For example, a user immersed in a virtual reality setting (e.g., a house) may wish to move to a different portion of the setting or to a different virtual setting altogether (e.g., an underwater setting). 

To enhance movement experience, Apple’s invention “presents techniques allowing for efficient, natural, seamless, and/or comfort-preserving movement between locations in CSR settings.” In this way, an improved CSR experience is provided to users, the company says.

Summary of the patent

Here’s Apple’s abstract of the patent: “echniques for moving about a computer simulated reality (CSR) setting are disclosed. An example technique includes displaying a current view of the CSR setting, the current view depicting a current location of the CSR setting from a first perspective corresponding to a first determined direction. 

“The technique further includes displaying a user interface element, the user interface element depicting a destination location not visible from the current location, and, in response to receiving input representing selection of the user interface element, modifying the display of the current view to display a destination view depicting the destination location, wherein modifying the display of the current view to display the destination view includes enlarging the user interface element.”

About Apple Glasses

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