Apple has improved Mac MDM with this important feature


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The ever growing numbers of Mac users have always been able to set apps to launch when they log in to their computers, but this has changed in macOS Ventura. Login items are now managed in a different place, and Apple has also made it possible for Mac admins to manage them using MDM software.

Where are my login items?

Traditionally on a Mac, login items were managed in the Users & Groups section of System Preferences. This changes with Ventura — not only have System Preferences become System Settings, but they have been quietly shifted to a new section found in the General category.

Login items are usually applications you’ve asked your Mac to launch automatically at login, but also include other processes such as launch agents or launch daemons that are required for certain applications to work consistently.

If you’re an IT manager running Macs, then you’ll already know that the MDM service you use will have installed launch agents to run on enrolled Macs. These are also found in Login Items.

What changes in macOS Ventura?

The two biggest changes to this approach are as follows:

  • Migrating the setting from Users & Groups to General
  • Making more items that launch at login more visible

The latter means that software components, installer packages, and other items individual applications need that must be launched on startup are now visible.