Apple has never had it this good with its Mac computers, here’s why

It may be a tech behemoth now with its hands in many pies — phones, tablets, headphones, watches and so much more — but 45 years ago Apple started off as a computer company. And while it has massively diversified, it never stopped making computers. The Mac range has seen it share of its ups and downs over the years but has never had it this good. At least that’s what Apple revealed during its quarterly earnings call.
Apple CFO Luca Maestri, said during the earnings call that the company hit “an all-time revenue record for Mac”. In Q4 2022, Apple garnered the most revenue it has ever from Mac computers. If that wasn’t enough a testament how well Mac is doing for Apple, then the company also revealed that the installed base of Mac had hit an all-time high.

Apple cracked the code

Maestri, during the call, said that there were three key items that helped drive the Mac’s record-breaking revenue. Firstly, the launch of new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro — both powered by the new M2 chip. Ever since Apple launched its own silicon chipset, the MacBooks have attained a different level. “Our Mac customers have already been raving about the power of M2 since the arrival of our newest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro this summer,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook during the call.
Secondly, there have been huge supply chain issues that have bogged down the laptop/PC market. Maestri believes that Apple was able to “to satisfy pent-up demand that carried forward from the significant supply constraints we faced during the June quarter.” And thirdly, as Apple improved its supply position, Maestri said the company was able to fill the channel — in other words met the demand from the market.

A lot of people seem to be buying the Mac

It’s hardly a secret that the overall PC market has been in decline. Microsoft said that the revenue from Windows suffered as the market has been declining. Global PC shipments fell 15.5% year-over-year in Q3,2022 reaching 71.1 million units, as per the latest report by Counterpoint Research. Bigwigs like Lenovo, HP, Dell all reported year-on-year decline in shipments in Q3, 2022. Except Apple. As per Counterpoint Research, Apple’s shipments grew 7%…