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  1. Soren A says:

    I wish there was an iPhone that had the look of an iPod 5/6/7. That would be dope af.
    Never mind cuz then it would have a trash battery life.

  2. Richie says:

    Next year iPhone SE should get updated as they need it to have 5G, perhaps with a X design so could be iPhone XSE

  3. usernamegold says:

    I had a very realistic dream like half a week ago where I got some new cool looking iPod… I predicted this shit on god

  4. Zylice Liddell says:

    I was looking forward to it earlier but I bought an iPad mini instead. Glad I did because this is meh.

  5. Indiegaze says:

    Everything Apple does now a days is either really disappointing or just cringe. WTF happened to them…..

  6. Philip Yean says:

    Apple doesn’t even know what they are doing anymore. They are just releasing products and forget about the software

  7. Brandon Saucedo says:

    I'm disappointed that the design of the IPod 7 isn't the same as IPhone X or XR

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