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  1. Jiggz Vegas says:

    HomePod is over price, and too limited. It’s like Apple forgot that google, and Amazon are in a race for the smartest most responsive smart assistant for today smart home, NOT SPEAKERS. Why would anybody want to purchase a smart Assitant for their home that is so limited in functionality. Honestly I’m a big Apple fan but they just dropped the ball on this one.

  2. Spiro Mellis says:

    how does this sound compared to an echo plus? i kinda want the homepod but it seems the echo plus is more well rounded

  3. Walls A says:

    The light thing is LIFX. LIFX has connection issues. The lack of a hub like hue is what makes it unreliable. I have the LIFX tiles and its the only one that messes up. I have like 30 hue bulbs that never have issues.

  4. Nigel A says:

    That beat from TommyLee is pretty dope. I could hear Migos adding their ad-libs to it haha

  5. Jason Ong says:

    The 100% doesn't seem muffled or anything, I'm sure the sound isn't the same in real life compared to the video I'm listening.

  6. Jason Ong says:

    It's a good move when they opened up Apple Music for services revenue. Apple did kept saying the HomePod is primarily for sound/audio rather than a smart speaker. I am still hoping that WWDC 19 would improve Siri. Maybe an update would also help improve Siri on the HomePod.

  7. Christopher Crawford says:

    You’re wrong about not being able to set it up with android and needing an Apple device. You need an iOS device. macOS can’t set it up.

  8. Khyree Holmes says:

    5:31 – "Unless you like to touch a HomePod all the time" – I never seen one in person…. so….. yeah.

    Google Home is better…….

  9. smeej .s says:

    how to improve:
    upgrade siri’s power and utility
    voice recognition
    compatibility with spotify, etc
    removable cable
    a screen on top
    gold colour
    refined look (it looks like a trash can)
    dirt and fingerprint resistance

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