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  1. Marc A says:

    its not worth it. I bought it two weeks ago. I'm putting it back in the box and going to be returning it to Best Buy

  2. J D says:

    You should review the Apple TV, I saw that its under $200 now, so its affordable and might be worth using.

  3. Danny McNeal says:

    Please consider doing a current review of Apple’s HomePod, being that the software has received a number of updates since this review. BTW, I love spending time watching your reviews—keep telling it like it is!

  4. Dan Josef says:

    real review bro, but i’ll stick with my echo plus. $100 cheaper, has bluetooth, and still sounds damn good as a stand-alone speaker

  5. Kabi Ebl says:

    To be honest I think I would like the home pod, I have mostly apple products and I pretty much only use Apple Music for my music… but its true, it needs more updates. and I have to say, I can excuse no aux input… but I can't excuse no bluetooth input… Thats just too exclusive… but who knows maybe they'll come out with a better model this next September.

  6. Jeffrey O says:

    What a bunch of friggin cry babies commenting!
    Waaahhh it’s too expensive,
    Waaaaah it doesn’t have Bluetooth,
    waaaaahh it doesn’t order pizza,
    waaaah it doesn’t pick my ass for me,
    waaaaah it doesn’t play Fortnite.
    Fuck Android.
    You can transmit anything from your other devices to play thru HomePod.
    Bunch of damn children.
    Get a real job and start being smart with your money.
    HomePod is very good!
    OF COURSE it’s not perfect, but it will improve, guaranteed.
    Apple always improves.
    Great review!

  7. Klassic says:

    HomePod just received an update and can now make calls just wondering if you recommend this speaker now that Siri has a lot more functionality on this speaker.

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