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  1. linop412 says:

    I really want one and love that its such a great sounding speaker, but I need siri to be better first before I commit. Running all my smart devices via apple home kit so Im holding out and with today being prime today, believe me its hard not to bite the bullet and grab a couple echos. Going to do like I did when I waited for the iPhone X to come out and just be patient. I was happy I did that time, so hopefully this will be the same. Not worried about dropping $350 if it sounds great and it as smart as other speakers on the market.

  2. 2222ut says:

    I returned my HomePod after a few days of use.  The dumbest speaker!    The list of problems/issues if rather long.

  3. Oscar_FML says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t care for “smart speaker” I just want it to play music and for me to ask the weather and tell it which playlist to play

  4. neaumusic says:

    THE SOUND IS AMAZING, BUT LIVE-STREAMING AUDIO HAS A HUGE DELAY!!! I can't EQ or manipulate the waveform while it's playing. Only Apple audio effects (volume buttons / iTunes EQ / iPhone EQ) can 'get ahead' of the built-in processing that it uses to fit the room. Even if it was wired, I'm pretty sure this couldn't be fixed because it's a matter of processing. Hopefully this makes sense — if you're using a DAW, there's a HUGE delay before the changed waveform plays through the homepod, something like 2-3 seconds!!! When using native effects, I'm pretty sure the Homepod is incorporating the effects ON whatever's playing (something in the 'future'), rather than whatever WAV is coming INTO the Homepod

  5. Wesam Khalfalla وسام خلف الله says:

    I bought mine just yesterday, I'm expecting it tomorrow to be delivered (Canada)

  6. Chase F says:

    "We don't do it, we can't ship junk." "We don't offer striped down lousy products" -Steve Jobs

  7. Colin Kulow says:

    Why did you say “…making the device more than other speakers from amazon and other companies” while at the same time showing a Google Max which is $50 more than the HomePod?

  8. Erik Heggem says:

    Bad timing on this video. Airplay2 and Stereo pairing is now available :) (also available in Germany @workaholic)

  9. Bryan Stephens says:

    I love it. I use Apple music and didn't know what Spotify was until a year ago. The sound is amazing, and I don't need Siri to read cooking recipes to me…I just need her to play music and run Homekit. Mutiple timers and speech recognition for multiple users would be helpful.

  10. geek mee says:

    Based on Apple price points with other devices and their philosophy of low prices represents a race to the bottom… Good luck with that one.

  11. Loren Greenblatt says:

    As someone who has a massive collection of music on my computer. I really don't need/care about Apple Music, spotify, Suri or any of the other smart functions. Just give me a "dumb" version with the same speaker quality that I can just pair with my computer or iphone, either through Bluetooth or just with an old fashioned headphone jack.

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