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  1. DM9 says:

    Can u speak properly? Can't u use the whole breath to speak? Review is not bad its just the way u speak makes people sick

  2. Hello World: with Miyah says:

    Apple has always jacked their priced up way too high. However, that would make sense for Apple's speakers to be more advanced that SIRI because she is lacking in the iphone. However, I am sure SIRI will improve with time and especially with HomePod

  3. Juan Rivera says:

    Wow I don't get it. You just gave enough reason not to order the homepod just yet but apple loves will order. Just weird. @$350 for a speaker that I know can be beat by cheaper speakers like three each harmon kardon onyx 4 at about the same price. Just connect it to alexa echo dot second gen, the earliest echo dot, and bam surround sound blue tooth speakers sounding great. You still be able to control smart things and get information. I just don't get the apple community at all.

  4. jerry gooden says:

    I’m getting a HomePod used from eBay, I’m not paying $349, eBay have them $249-269.

  5. BatterySonic says:

    Yet again another overly expensive product from apple that performs way under the standard and only costs as much as it does for the brand name.
    Meanwhile, 30 bucks for a google home mini that has much more capability.

  6. VizionWorksEditing says:

    Homepod should of just been a bluetooth speaker cause it sucks at everything else, even at 250 ill still buy sonos instead

  7. Vinc Tay says:

    Interesting points! The HomePod design is so, very Apple – excels at what it is designed for (super sound, seamless use); while very stubborn on the stuff where you are not supposed to make calls with it, or watch video…

  8. Brandon Banner says:

    I think you need an updated video, a lot of things you said Siri couldn’t do such as make phone calls is there now

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