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  1. Remington Porter says:

    Great review! I am considering buying a HomePod and this review answered a lot of my lingering questions about the HomePod!

  2. M MM says:

    The bass is way too heavy!!! No way to change the settings. It's disgusting. Don't believe the hype, your neighbors will hate you. TOO MUCH BASS!!!!!!!

  3. Ayecolee A says:

    I like how the design and the sound is but features at most is just a problem… I hope that Apple would fix that soon.

  4. W J says:

    No Google music and only iTunes…PASS. Other than that it seems alright. If I want to listen to something hi-fi I'm playing music off my home stereo lol

  5. Floyd Holt says:

    I'm waiting for the notification of you're comparing all three speakers from Apple, Google, and Microsoft. The way you give reviews. I feel like they're fair and balanced.

  6. ConLee says:

    I’ve never seen your channel before. You just showed up in my recommended videos all of a sudden and I’m so glad. You’re so damn chill and informed. Got a new sub!

  7. Maniac With Mop says:

    Nice video! Im in Canada where unbelievably Homepods still havent been released. :( I was thinking of getting one for the sound and the ability to control my Home Kit lights and accessories.

  8. Brawndo says:

    I'm late but nice video, just discovered your channel. I love the Homepod becuase I had already switched to Apple music from spotify before even knowing this thing was coming out. Sounds great, it''s small. Waking up on the morning, walking to the kitchen, just casually saying Hey siri play some smooth jazz is so fun and convenient. Happy with my purchase.

  9. Sports & Tech 876 says:

    apple home pod hey siri needs updates google home mini winning siri needs to be updated hey siri dont know alot of things at all, come on apple do better siri needs to be updated been years now i miss jobs

  10. Tanmay Patel says:

    It's the only option for Apple music users. And the only use case I see myself using a smart speaker for is to ask it to play songs. Neither Google nor Alexa works with the apple music.

  11. Vignesh Bhaskaran says:

    Great content. I can listen to everything you said and not feel like I've heard this before. However, the transitions in the video (effects) and the visual vibes (potted plants and the contrasty color schemes and lighting) that seems like a set that everyone seems to be using these days. I think you should explore and find your own visual texture. Love your voice though but again the background music along with the jump cuts are becoming too familiar. Sorry I don't know exactly what you can do to change it up. Get Creative!

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