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  1. James Espinosa says:

    There is software in place with 10.13 to make it compatible with the speaker. You can pair all apple devices. Even the TV.

  2. Matthew Cusanelli says:

    Soo its a $300 paperweight that gets its ass handed to it by amazon. I mean Siri is the backbone for this product and SIRI is the worst out of the three mains. Hell, even cortana can do more and is more accurate… how sad

  3. Corky-Butchek says:

    @marques brownlee could you please compare it to the B&W Zeppelin Air? I have had some Speakers (KRK Rokit 6 / B&W Z1 / Sonos Playbar + Sonos Sub / Sonos Play 1 / B&O Beolit / B&W MM-1) in the past and none amazed me like the B&W Zeppelin. This Thing is just amazing. But what you (and a lot of other Reviewers) described sounds like it may could have the same soundquality. I expect it not to beat the Zeppelin due to the smaller size but im interested how the homepod compete in matters of clearance of Highs / Mids / Lows  etc. THX

  4. Kevin Arndt says:

    One of their worst products in a long time imo. Just more evidence that Apple is trying to trap users into buying more of their products. Yeah, it is a nice sounding speaker but they failed to realize that most people don't care that much about the sound quality of their smart speakers since they use it to control other sound systems. And all this bullshit for $350-400?? MEGA PASS

  5. Nelson Gomez says:

    Refreshing review! EverythingApplePro would have suggested we buy it because it matches his decor and it's the best speaker ever…

  6. Guy Sexton says:

    Yet! Literally everything you said it can’t do can be added in a software update, but with every reviewer trashing this product there will be no user base to deliver good features to!

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