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  1. The Verge says:

    A lot of people are asking about Spotify. While it’s true you can AirPlay Spotify (and other services) from your phone, you can’t ask Siri to play a song from Spotify, and you lose most of the voice controls apart from play, pause, and volume when you do that. In which case, it might as well be a Bluetooth speaker. – Nilay

  2. Marcelo Adam says:

    well its just fine but far to be the best, the Germnan, Bose still much better then HomePod

  3. Samuël Visser says:

    This review is so good, just came back to admire it again. I'd say there is no way it can be improved. It really is perfect, amazing job Nilay!

  4. Eric Franklin Shook says:

    I've heard these in stereo and they do not sound good, or good for the money. Anyway you slice it, don't buy them for sound quality, because they are lacking it.

  5. Tao Shirley says:

    Hi, i have an accessories for HomePod, HomePod Holder. who have interests to review it, please PM me.

  6. Larseus says:

    Always the problem with Google, Apple, Amazon, they all want keep their customers strictly to 1 thing, the only company that has recently stepped out of this is Microsoft, but they are so far out of the game and it's sad. I wish all products would work together, like Ring being on the Apple TV and not just Nest. Things like that, or Google music on Amazon Alexa as well as Apple. Customers are customers, don't force them to stay in your brand if they don't want to. I understand though, but it's annoying as a consumer of many. I like all the companies in their own ways, but I can't stay 100% committed to just 1.

  7. Nix Mith says:

    That 3dio sound comparison was awesome!! Definitely see how they focused on sound quality, it sounds great, but I don't buy apple songs too much.

  8. Helder Lopes says:

    You'd be better off just buying a set of Bose Companions, much more superior sound quality.

  9. Anon says:

    They should take away siri and focus on speakers, they could actually hit the speaker business pretty hard.

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