Apple HomePod Smart Speaker Stereo Pair Review: Surprisingly Good Speaker!

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  1. Frank Sandy says:

    I have a set paired and absolutely love love love the sound stage… People are blown away by the sound of the hoped paired.

  2. Göran Lindgren says:

    I have four HomePods, two as a stereo pair in the living room also used as sound bars for the TV, one in the office and one in the bedroom. They sound great and I am so happy with them. I also love to just to shout out to Siri from wherever I am to add onions to my shopping list or remind me of something work related that just came to my mind. The only issue I have had was that my wifi network, or more correctly my router, wasn’t all that good with bad coverage in my home and kept changing from 2,4 to 5 ghz which made the HomePods loose connection and stop the music. I have recently installed the Google Wifi Mesh system and now the problem is solved, enjoying music in the whole house at all times with no interruptions. When you use the HomePods as sound bars for the Apple TV, the sound is not as loud as when you use them as normal speakers. I hope Apple will address this in a future update. All in all, I’m very happy with my HomePods!!!

  3. littlerascle59 says:

    I wanted 5 HomePods for my house(2 for my bedroom, 1 for my living room, 1 for my kitchen and 1 for a floater between my bathroom, dining room) BUT the price was the biggest reason why I just couldn’t get one. I’m an Apple fanboy but even I can’t justify the price for one. I’ve listened to the HomePod at the closest Apple Store and the sound is superb. I hate that it’s not Bluetooth and wireless. I also do not want or have the desire to get Apple Music so it kinda sucks that I’m limited to no voice commands on it when it comes to selecting music. I feel that Apple really failed their users with the extreme limitations of this potentially great device.

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