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  1. Chris Robinson says:

    Sonos is way better grab 2 amazing plus the play 5 is amazing I wouldn’t change it for any other speaker just wasting money just stick with sonos bud

  2. Josh Bautista says:

    In my opinion, the Play 5 is well worth the upgrade from a Play 3, sound clarity and bass is a night and day difference. Definitely better than the HomePod as well.

  3. Lukas T says:

    love that review. especially your conclusion in the end! very transparent and honest opinion. love that. i have to sub at this point.

  4. Jack O'Brien says:

    Home pod was definitely a better sound overall as far as geometric shape of the sound waves goes lol but I feel you on the decision, apple music isn't something anyone uses

  5. George Roberts says:

    You should have played the same clip of music in the side by side test, or at least the next part of the song. Playing the beat and bass heavy parts of the song on the Sonos and the quieter parts on the HomePod isn't a fair comparison.

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