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  1. Scott Koontz says:

    Great sound, and I just bought another one. A few months ago a friend took down his expensive speakers and replaced them with two home pods. He kept bugging me to get a second one, and said I would not regret it.

    Love them. Great sound, low footprint.

  2. Michael T says:

    I always hate it when people say "You want me to pay how much?". Nobody has a gun to your head forcing you to pay the price, either buy it or don't.

  3. phil32757 says:

    You drive a Tesla and you are hesitant to spend another $299 to finally have a stereo listening experience. Okay!

  4. Crystal Eiswert says:

    LOVE my HomePOd. I had it less than a week and bought another one. Plan on getting [2] more. Great review. No – it’s not for everyone, but for those of us who are bass sensitive and above average music quality listeners (but not true audiophiles), this speaker rocks.

  5. Are we not entertained? says:

    You do realise that 'Siri' doesn't warrant a personal pronoun right? You are just another target hooked by Apple's male orientated marketing.

  6. Janine Clarke says:

    Thank you, this was a great overview and comparison. I too bought the Apple Homepod this last holiday season when Best Buy had their sharp discount. I still don't always get it to connect the way I want to my iTunes, but this is a learning curve for me.

  7. mr bob says:

    I wish apple will open up to windows 10 to use it as computer speaker and bypass apple tv to use it as regular tv speaker. i don't see why Apple limits it self when it comes to choices, when customers can get it from the competition.

  8. FN 2199 says:

    Pulled the trigger at $250, it has since dropped from $349 to $299. Also, they regularly go on sale at stores such as Best Buy.

  9. espnz _ says:

    Tbh if Apple worked on it more instead of working on some bs iPhone that’s gonna have the same look after 3 years the HomePod might be better than what it is right now.

  10. Richard Rozon says:

    New with the HomePod, can I create a shortcut that when ask, Siri would get me the weather forecast, then my appointments for the day and finally the latest news. All this when I say hey Siri, good morning. You are doing good work here, appreciate your what you are doing. Thanks

  11. Denman Schmid says:

    I asked for and got one for Christmas (purchased for $250 from BB). I Iiked to so much I bought another right away (again for $250 from BB). The original one is in the Bedroom (my original intention was to just get the one for the bedroom). The other is in my living room. Even though I have a full home theatre system (Paradigm with HSU sub FWIW) I like having the HP by my chair for casual listening/late night etc. BTW I tried them out as a stereo pair after I got them and thought they sounded great and would work well as a "main" system for a lot of folks. The sound they put is amazing, especially the bass from such a small footprint. Friends are amazed when they come over. The one in the living room is sitting on top of my HSU subwoofer and they think it is on when I play the HP! Of course, it doesn't have the extra deep response of a real sub, but through psychoacoustics and sound analysis, it certainly gives a close effect.

  12. Opinionated Conversations With Bernie G. says:

    Looking to experiment with 4 homepods I love the sound quality

  13. Opinionated Conversations With Bernie G. says:

    I bought 2 at $350 and I have no regrets! I would like to see a smaller version of it to have as a travel speaker. I'd also like for it to also have Bluetooth. The homepod should only hear and function to my voice only or have a feature that allows for GUEST or REMAIN private!

  14. Toasty Volvo says:

    Super late.
    Super expensive.
    Super unfriendly.
    Siri, it’s 2019. It’s time Apple played with other kids on the playground. We want our Spotify and we want it two years ago.

  15. Cali Killa Klown says:

    Idk I checked out HomePod at Best Buy and it sounds good to me. My issue is Siri’s intelligence

  16. Yiannis Kouropalatis says:

    Excellent review Matt and it also helps me a lot as I am considering trying one :-). Quick question: How is the iPhone battery drain when you stream to the HomePod for some time? Sonos is streaming directly to the speakers with the iPhone being simply a remote. With airplay 2 and homepod, the iPhone becomes the gateway. Does this lead to a noticeable battery drain penalty in your experience? Many thanks

  17. JC The Lawn Care Guy says:

    I'll stick with my Echo 2nd Gen Plus. Just works best for my needs and Alexa is better than Siri in my opinion.

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