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  1. MisterNinetySeven says:

    So now that Brian Tong has left CNET, will there be any more Prizefights done with a different host?

  2. Nadav Elkabets says:

    I own both a google home and a HomePod and please, When you create home assistant videos, mute the “hey google”/“hey siri” because it drives you crazy when your speaker activates every time…

  3. Z. Ghaffar says:

    apple should concentrate on computers as tey did before. If apple does like now you might se apple washingmachine soon

  4. M V says:

    The Homepod has WAY better sound than the max. Also, Siri actually sounds like a human, while the Google Assistant(doesnt even have a name) sounds like a robot from 2010

  5. Tigerex966 says:

    What youtube channel has the guts to put the single home pod up against two Sonos 1's for the same price
    This is the most obvious comparison I am at a lost of words no one well known reviewer has done this as of yet

  6. Noah Pelfan says:

    Your reviews and opinions are becoming better and better… More objective, thus more useful.
    And you're always giving some good little details that others don't.

  7. PC Junkie says:

    The Google speaker did deserve the win here. The only issue though with these videos is that whatever Apple product that appears it always loses. Some cases it is definitely justified but some not so much. This series is pretty unsurprising and not fun to watch all the way through.

  8. hugoson16 says:

    I need more phone prizefights. Lot's of good new phones came out this last year, wouldve been nice to see pixel 2 vs. iphone or gs8 vs iphone etc.

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