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  1. Steve Lendobeja says:

    I have both and when guests they ALL like the GH max MUCH better.

    The homepod is weak in a large space. It sounds like its much smaller speaker

    The homepod sounds really good in a smaller space like a bedroom.

    As a "smart speaker" the homepod aka siri is absolutely worthless!

  2. OBG Jay says:

    Sounds good I'll give it that, but for a smart speaker its an utter disappointment SiRi just plain sucks balls/

  3. GHN1013 says:

    Btw, if you’re really comparing sound quality, you should put the Home Max in the horizontal position for stereo mode. Placing it in the vertical position puts it in mono mode. Also, to get the best sound quality, you should adjust the equalizer via the Google Home app— it makes the sound quality A LOT better than the “boomy” default sound signature.

  4. Antonio Valmores Jr. says:

    Ow I just need to hear the sound quality. Not all your talks..I disliked this

  5. Solomon Ayalew says:

    I swear when this guy reviews apple products it's like watching a live drug commercial as they just quickly run through all the negatives and side effects and focuses on all the positives lol

  6. Will Brown says:

    The hate on the Ok Google being triggered at 100% after you specifically made how much louder it is a con as well. You're trash.

  7. d dzerres says:

    Geez, we get it: the Home Max is loud. Get over that already. For a fair comparison you need to set the Homepod to it's maximum and then set the Google Max to the SAME level to what the Homepod is putting out! THEN compare for crackling, etc. ps: maybe, sometimes, I want the Max to be loud so I can hear it in the basement or in the garage – at least I know it is capable of that (I could barely hear the Homepod on your test). You half of your 10 minute post telling me the Max was loud. Thanks for obvious, Captain.

  8. Efren Cabotaje says:

    You can change the bass and treble in the home max in the Google home app. Turn both settings to the highest and it sounds better.

  9. Nat Caruso says:

    The homepod is a joke, whats worse its proof that Apple is again late to the party.

  10. michaelpsmusic says:

    Good overview but the only way to compare sound quality is to "level match" the volume.  Play a test tone through both speakers, use a decibel meter (or sound level app) to set the volume levels on the devices to produce the exact same measured volume, and then compare music back and forth with volume levels matched.

  11. Paul says:

    Love my HomePod. It's one of the flattest speakers I've ever heard, especially at this size; music sounds exactly as it should. There's only a slight drop-off at the lowest frequencies. Bass response is very good for a speaker of this size and not at all more than it should be.

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