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  1. The Verge says:

    Do you prefer smart speakers that support your main streaming music service?

    — Lauren

  2. Tobie Allen II says:

    What about GOOGLE?
    What about UE?
    What about Harmon Kardon?
    What about Beats?
    What about…Phonographs?

  3. Joseph Marapatla says:

    You are kidding me. Making sonos look like it doesn’t sound as good. Anyone who heard sonos would know this and know it very well. It is sound at the best!

  4. Sham Maideen says:

    Continue to stay trapped and get caught even deeper in the web of deceit aka as their ecosystem.

  5. Sergey Bebenin says:

    Damn, that's a lot of "can't dos" on HomePod. You'd think Apple would at least try to add some of those features since the intro

  6. Sergey Bebenin says:

    What's the point even mentioning "set-up"?
    1. You do it only once
    2. It's no rocket science no matter what OEM you pick.

  7. Sollo Kamanga-Sollo says:

    What Sonos doesn’t tell you is you can’t use Spotify unless you have a premium service. Even if you have older version of Sonos setting up Alexa is not that easy. I love my Sonos but disappointed by the services

  8. Lars Bertje says:

    This is pretty accurate.
    Happy innocent apple fan, just being glad with his product

    Grumpy android fan who always complains about the other side…

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