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  1. Legacy Jeet Kune Do says:

    HomePod is a premium speaker for those within the premium Apple ecosystem. If can not access this realm, get any crappy Bluetooth speaker on the market:

  2. railbird says:

    sonos has the advantage that they offer a variety of different products that you can add depending on your needs. want an additional speaker in your bathroom or kitchen? just add a sonos play 1 or a sonos one and its not too expensive. want something more comparable to the homepad? add a sonos 5. want to connect your TV? add a sonos beam and maybe two sonos play 1 for dolby digital. want more bass? add a sonos subwoofer.
    so step by step you can build a really nice home system that apple cant.

  3. villegas24 says:

    This review resumed: The sonos has a ton of unrestricted features and is smarter but I dont care since i am an apple fanboy

  4. Tyrone Rodgers says:

    Apple fanbots need to stop making comparison vids. Just make an apple fanboy vid. Geez!

  5. Dawson Schulenberg says:

    Do the Sonos have Airplay? if I have a surrounded sound set up of 4, can I just open my MacBook and select an area where it says "Sonos One" and just start playing or?

  6. No Name Tech says:

    I love my Sonos One but I have 2 complaints. The Microphone sucks, it never hears me talking to it. Secondly the speaker is not the best a separating the sound.

  7. Mark Pittaway says:

    Sonos with Alexa is fantastic, what let's the HomePod down, apart from the fact you can get two Sonos One's working as a steroid pair, which HomePod can't is Siri which is awful, sure it may hear you, but it can't understand you half the time. I love Apple stuff, I have an iPhone, iMac and IPad, but the HomePod is an unfinished project like the iPhone X. With Sonos you can just keep adding stuff. If the HomePod used Alexa, worked in stereo and was £250 it would be a great buy. But Amazon Music is cheaper as well.

  8. Outlaw_Run says:

    Sonos just pushes the vocals to the front even though an artist designs a song to be cohesive and yes have the vocals heard but not blatantly up front

  9. Cactus Tweeter says:

    HomePod maybe in last place on the smart portion of the speaker functionality, but it is hands down in first place with sound. Sound is most important to me. So I pick HomePod.

  10. Richard Crossley says:

    Sonos had Spotify connect so it is actually easier then HomePod if you use Spotify. I find the Apple music app fiddly to switch between phone and HomePod. I prefer the soundstage for none bass driven music on the Sonos too. Where the HomePod shines is in the corner of the room with a 360 soundstage where you can't easily direct a Play 1 and where you might already have surround sound so don't want 2 sets of speakers. I bought one for front room for that purpose and love it. Ironically, the HomePod is a very smart speaker due to the tech but not a smart speaker in terms of digital assistant.

  11. Mike Nielsen says:

    The YouTube names says all you need to know, “cult”. Product Comparisons are pointless as the everything apple makes real comparisons impossible.

  12. zewebcrawler says:

    I watched this video just to hear the guy say that the homepod is better. He didn't disappoint me. Other reviews seemed less biased. They gave sound quality to the homepod but that's it. Everything else was virtually in favor of the sonos (price, smartness, compatibility). Since you can get 2 sonos for the price of 1 homepod, I would gladly trade stereo for sound quality.

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