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  1. ShermanWare says:

    Oh man! I remember going to a Valley Thrift Store in Fairfield and found one of these things. I was going to get it, but the screen was cracked! ;( (That was back on July/August 2017)

  2. InventorZahran 327 says:

    Wireless internet connection used to be called "AirPort", long before the name "Wi-Fi" was in general use…

  3. Skylark says:

    I'm looking for a half decent compact keyboard from eBay for under $20. Which one to get? By decent I mean it should have a crisp, mechanical feel with good key travel. It won't be a mechanical keyboard I realize that but it should feel mechanical. The last best keyboard I experienced was the Apple iMac keyboard from 1998. Sublime key feel.

  4. Quickscopetechboi says:

    I'm Very interested for the g3 series I have the complete g4's but not any g3's could you sell me A Imac G3 for any price from 50's to 250"s any where between those prices

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