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  1. Bim Bims says:

    Imagine if you worked for the first time in Apple at the age of 17 as an Apple programmer 3 and still work at Apple until now, you might laugh watching this video

  2. ShyGuy83 says:

    Remember the days when you actually had to read the manual extensively in order to operate a computer?

  3. Chris Ridenhour says:

    This is the one that Apple recommended lifting the computer a little bit and dropping it so the chips would pop back in

  4. OOZiTen says:

    You know whats sad.. I work for a large retailer, and we still use 'Genesis' a program that resembles this.

  5. EmeraldWordCool says:

    at any time of using the computer did something pop and make your room stink?

  6. Killshot DANK says:

    Hey is there a way i can buy this from you with its floppy disks cuz ive been looking everywhere for an A3

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