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  1. oiSnowy says:

    Only too bad the first minute of the video has a great deal of audio troubles.

    What would have been interested to know would be, "what's the video picture quality like IRL?" "Are those tiny speakers any good?" "How's the keyboard?"

  2. Raccoonus Maximus says:

    oh so the "Bugdom" game is part of the OS? i wont feel guilty about deleting it off my mac after the bloody heart attack that menu gave me

  3. QuarioQuario54321 says:

    666th comment. Back when people needed to learn how to use the internet lol. The G5 iMac was out when I was born so…

  4. MasterKlaw says:

    I'd use an Apple iMac G3 to play Quake 3: Arena and look for good Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Xbox games so I can play them on my new CRT TV. Maybe download videos from the internet so I can watch them and listen to a digital version of KISS: PSYCHO CIRCUS that I ripped from a CD-ROM.

    I miss the early 2000's.

  5. s ga says:

    Very awesome iMac G3!! Apple really made it different and I wished I had been exposed to Apple back then.. boo had pos pc 486 ps
    Packard bell.. really awful in 1995

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