Apple iPad 10.2 or Apple iPad Mini: Which Prime Day Deal is Best?


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It’s well known that Apple makes the best tablets right now. The iPad in any form is hugely popular for good reason. Well-built and with a simple to use and safe operating system, it’s ideal for every purpose, whether that’s simply browsing online, watching your favorite shows on streaming services, or playing the latest games on Apple Arcade. The big question is — which is the better deal for Prime Day? The Apple iPad 10.2 or the Apple iPad Mini?

Right now, the Apple iPad 10.2 is priced at $299 as part of Amazon’s Prime Day deals while the Apple iPad Mini is priced at $335. Both probably sound mighty tempting, right? That’s because they’re both great devices, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

In a straight-up comparison, there isn’t actually a clear winner here. You see, that’s in part due to the sizes of the Apple iPad and Apple iPad Mini. The Apple iPad is bigger at 10.2-inch which makes it almost like a small laptop without a keyboard, while the Apple iPad Mini is much smaller with a 7.9-inch display. That can make a big difference if you’d rather carry something small and lightweight, especially if you have mobility issues.

When it comes to technical prowess, it’s a close battle too. They both use an A12 Bionic chip so they won’t miss a beat with whatever you’re doing. They both also have 8MP back cameras although the iPad Mini has a better front camera with a 7MP FaceTime HD lens. That could be better if you’re looking to make many calls to friends or work colleagues. It’s probably not going to be a dealbreaker for everyone though.

The big difference comes down to storage. The Apple iPad only has 32GB of storage compared to the Apple iPad Mini’s 64GB. 32GB is pretty tight going once you install apps, download photos and movies, and so forth. 64GB is better for those that plan on using their iPads regularly. The iPad Mini wins easily here.

How about battery life? That’s always important to consider with portable devices. In reality, both the Apple iPad and Apple iPad Mini have roughly the same battery life at 10 hours. That should last you most of the working day without an issue.

In the end, the better Prime Day deal…