Apple iPad (10th Generation, 2022) review: The best friend you need when working, playing and travelling, Digital News


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It’s easy to say that tablet devices have come a long way, but let’s be realistic – these days, the word tablet has also become synonymous with iPad, and there are now several different versions of Apple’s iconic tablet device that folks have adopted as a laptop replacement, additional screen, or use simply for pure entertainment.

Creatives who run multiple drawing and editing apps look towards Apple’s iPad Pro model, whereas casual users who love reading on the train or take notes may gravitate towards the iPad mini, so where does that leave the standard iPad model? 

Apple’s newly released iPad (10th-Gen) comes with several changes from last year’s 9th-Gen model and after taking it out for a test drive, including a week-long jaunt to Japan, we can safely say that the new Apple iPad is still the all rounder that serves the masses and those who love working on the go. It’s a great buddy when working in cafes, on travel for work and entertainment, or for days when you don’t need to lug a laptop into a brief business meeting. 


At 24.8cm x 17.9cxm, this year’s model is slightly bigger than its predecessor and does away with the home button, so you have more screen real estate to look at. Alas, Face ID isn’t available, and uses Touch ID for biometrics instead, and it’s available as part of the Power button located at the top of the device, for when you need to unlock it, sign into apps and use Apple Pay.

It also drops Apple’s Lightning connector, and uses a USB-C port for charging, which means that if you’re invested in the Apple ecosystem, you can use your existing accessories to power up the device. 

The new model starts from S$679 and comes in a few fun colours, from Blue, Pink, Silver and Yellow. With the new Magic Keyboard Folio accesory, the iPad easily transforms into a notebook that’s light and convenient. Weighing a mere 477 grams, the iPad 10th-gen is comparable to the iPad Air in terms of portability, and can easily slip into a tote bag or a medium sized handbag with ease.

The Magic Keyboard Folio is an accessory specially for this model of iPad, and comes with a bendy kickstand that gives the tablet a much more comfortable viewing…