Apple iPad (10th generation) – This New iPad Really Is New

I feel like 2022 has been a big year for Apple, in terms of the sheer number of devices they’ve released. Starting off with green versions of last year’s iPhones, there’s been a steady flow of new apple devices throughout – from AirPods to Watches to Macs and yes, obviously more phones.

You’d think this would have kept the Apple acolytes, the ever-faithful, surprised and delighted all year long. And yet, some fans – and especially the critics – have been quick to point out which devices are not really new, but mere iterative upgrades.

Historically I’ve been no great fan of Apple products over any other, yet I’ve felt obliged, time and time again, to point out the fact most consumers do not consume every single generation of every single device – certainly not like we privileged few in the tech media. When you actually do get to trial every update as it’s updated, often there’s a certain speed-blur to the process that can make one gadget merge into another.

But it’s always important to remember how that gadget will appear to a “normal” person – perhaps someone upgrading after three or four years of trusty service or even a total newbie to the brand.

To those people, I can’t deny almost every Apple thing that comes along is a pretty cool thing indeed – even if it still looks and feels a bit like last year’s thing.

However, I’m writing this review on a thing that has evolved in many, many ways.


The good old iPad, surely still the leader, the no-brainer go-to when it comes to tablets. The 2022 (or 10th generation) iPad arrived on the scene with little fanfare. It didn’t get a dedicated, Tim Cook-hosted launch event – just a few social media posts, lumped in with its high-performance, bigger sibling; the iPad Pro.

And yet, of all the Apple devices to come out in 2022, the humble iPad might be the most upgraded of them all.

Let’s start with the eye-popping range of colours; blue, pink, yellow and silver – all of a candy-like, metallic finish that really brings some fun to the often staid world of tech. I’ve been sent a yellow iPad for review and it’s proved devisive – some insist it’s actually gold, some have vowed they won’t even touch it…