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  1. The Verge says:

    This iPad is pretty straightforward. But what features are you hoping to see in an iPad Pro if it gets updated later this year? — Dieter

  2. tellio says:

    Many people here are saying that the Android tablets are "dead" yes and no, first of all they still sell, (but) they stopped supporting the Android tablets and they aren't going to get Android 9.0 P

  3. bloo jkl45 says:

    The title says this is a review of the 2018 iPad, not a comparison with the Pro model. I don’t want to buy the Pro, just tell me what features the 2018 one has or change the title

  4. BIll Ligon says:

    And how about buying a "refurbished" IPAD PRO?? Is the battery life going to substandard? I'm really interested in the 'front' facing camera since I want to mount it on a music stand for "online" piano lessons. And this will store my sheet music – Yes?

  5. BIll Ligon says:

    I want the IPAD PRO for "online" piano lessons" using Facetime or Messenger. Will this work or just anything?

  6. Kat and Noot says:

    Window tablets are better than ipads in my opinion. Samsung has amazing tablets. And I'm using an Amazon tablet right now.

  7. Daf says:

    Greedy Apple will always give the bare minimum and charge us the maximum, i'm in two minds whether to buy my first Ipad this year or not? at the mo, it looks like not..

  8. jomsart says:

    Just stop with the “I wish they could’ve added..” `just keep it cheap with pencil support.

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