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  1. Tim Howe says:

    Such a useless device. After introducing the top and bottom speakers to the iPad Pro 9.7 3 years ago, there is still no cost effective model having them today. For me, who wants to replace my heavy laptop on the go for work related stuff like typing with a keyboard (E-Mail, Word, Excel, WhatsApp, iMessage) or reading (papers, news, etc.) and for media consumption (YouTube, Netflix, etc.) it just doesn't make sense to buy the super fast (again not needed) and super expensive iPad Pro. But I also don't want to use one or two bluetooth headsets when watching a downloaded Netflix movie with my girlfriend while we are traveling. Tested the speaker of the iPad Pro 9.7 at my friends and they were just perfect – just totally overpriced in 2016. I just don't see the point of Apple making those decisions and realising the same device over and over again. For me this iPad Air has no advantage over the cheaper iPad. So basically the 3 year old device (iPad Pro 9.7) is still better than the new released iPad Air. Well done Apple, well done…

    Anyway, great review as always. Thanks for making all these videos!

    Cheers from Germany!

  2. H.H S says:

    Blogger, I want to move the video of you unpacking IPhone4 a few years ago, OK? Carry to China

  3. N H says:

    Can someone please help me decide, between the Air 2019 and the Pro 2017. I need it to basically only make notes for school using Notability, and will also be using the Apple pencil with it. TIA

  4. Andrew Compton says:

    The 2017 iPad Pro actually had an A10X SoC, which is significantly faster than the A10, but still not as fast as the A12. So your point still stands, but the difference isn't as extreme as between the A10 and A12. However, the A10X GPU is still significantly more capable than the A12.

  5. El Sniper Sanchez says:

    So basically you’re paying $120 more for a couple of lines across the iPad?! I know it gives cellular but why $120 more expensive

  6. Nickzel Pagayatan says:

    Additional 129$ for cellular. So you basically bought the sim card tray for 129$.

    How are ya?

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