Apple iPad Pro (2018) Hands-On: Even closer to a computer

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  1. Vernon Atchison says:

    Meet the Apple Surface Pro. Thats what we aren't saying…similar functionality to the surface pen, usb-c, keyboard connector…. its great nonetheless. They simply "Applefied" the hardware to match the surface pro is all. Now when will there be a revamp of the iOS software overall and not the same look? the price for the new iPad, especially for 512 1 TB variants is absurd. Im sure that someone somewhere will find a need for such a device, but outside of the hardware, how is the software any better that last years or before years iPad capable of running iOS 12?? IT would be nice if Apple truly upgrade the iOS software, gave a new skin and at least took full advantage of the high specs and screen real estate of the iPad, especially when its costing MacBook kinda money. Can we finally get some of the software functionality from the MacBook on an iPad? otherwise, its still a big iPhone screen with stylus functionality.

  2. William He says:

    No, iPad will never be a proper replacement for laptops unless it runs MacOS. Not saying iPad pro is not a great product though, in fact, it is still the best tablet existed.

  3. TheDarkserpent says:

    Look at EverythingApplePro video, it has a bendable display, Apple is so innovative, it looks like it is made of tin, like really. Apple is a joke.

  4. Muhammad Burhan says:

    Does it come with file manager…….where you can access all your files, as in android or windows, including MP3 files etc? If it doesn't so it doesn't replace laptop or pc.

  5. Annette Honsinger says:

    I totally need this in my life even though I have an iPad Pro (2016). I’m considering upgrading and letting my daughter use my current one since I have all the bells and whistles for it like the Smart Keyboard and Pencil. I thought I wanted the new MacBook Air, but I have an iMac (2014) and it works just fine. I can do so much on my iPad and love it. I read magazines (using Texture and ZINIO – love both of those) I love iBooks and I also use it for web surfing, document creations (MS Office docs, etc) and watching movies and TV via Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, etc. I need this new one, like now! LOL

  6. FC WHAT says:

    What don’t Engadget understand ?!! How the hell can you say it will encourage people to give up their laptops? Would you forsake a full MacOS for iOS ?! THEY ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SYSTEMS! You can buy a MacBook for cheaper that has all the connectivity and run full desk-top apps. Not to mention the vast array of the even cheaper Windows laptops that are available! Engadget should concentrate on doing reviews not arse-licking advertorials for blue chip companies!

  7. Enrique Osuna says:

    I asked my daughter if she’d seen my newspaper. She told me that newspapers are old school. She said that people use tablets nowadays and handed me her iPad.

    That fly didn’t stand a chance.

  8. Michelle Alexandria says:

    Basically this is Apple's half-assed convertible, touchscreen "notebook," without actually making a real convertible, touchscreen macbook.

  9. Michelle Alexandria says:

    I think this is the dumbest product Apple has ever released. Other than people who REALLY draw for a living and want a Wacom alternative who is this thing for? It's no longer a "usable portable" device, its really too expensive to want to just whip out on a train or at the beach. I don't see what advantage it has over a $400 iPad that would justify it's existence other than it does look great.

  10. Vivek Saxena says:

    Interesting review. If only the camera moved in sync with the iPad, so I'd see the actual tablet at all times instead of being subjected to a seizure-causing motion video.

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