Apple iPad Pro 2022 Key Upgrade Hits Major Problem, Report Claims


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Apple’s next iPad Pro is expected this year, but one of the features that many have looked forward to, MagSafe wireless charging, seems much less likely, according to the latest reports.

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The most recent iPad Pro landed last Spring and included in its upgrades a more powerful processor and a display with miniLED backlight on the larger model.

The next update is rumored to be with us in the first half of the year although, and this is my personal belief, I think later in the year is more likely.

The new report comes from 9to5Mac, which confirms that wireless charging was an aspiration for the next iPad Pro, but that one way to achieve this was through a glass-backed design, but it’s this element which may be scrapped.

I don’t need to run through the basic physics, I know, but obviously an aluminum back, as every iPad has had since it first appeared, won’t work with wireless charging. No, you need a different material, such as glass, for this convenient way of charging to work.

The iPhone, of course, has a glass back and the ring of magnets inside is what the MagSafe charger snaps on to when charging.

But an all-glass back on a bigger gadget like an iPad would be easier to damage and make the whole device more fragile. If you are currently saying to yourself, “Well, no shock, Sherlock, I could have told you that,” then you’re not alone. And you may not have said “shock”, of course.

But there are other solutions besides all-glass. Take the Google Pixel 5, for instance, which had an internal metal chassis with bio-resin on the top, a thin but robust layer of plastic. Then, a carefully-placed cut-out underneath the bio-resin where the wireless charging coil sits, allowed the current to pass in and out. This solution matched solid strength with thinness and light weight. More detail on this here.

Of course, I can’t see Apple going…