Apple iPad Pro 2024 with OLED screen could be really expensive

Apple’s next iPad Pro models, inbound for 2024 in theory, are set to run with super-slick OLED screens – but the catch is this will mean the tablets are pricey.

The iPad Pro is a very slick but already costly tablet (Image Credit: Apple)

The iPad Pro is a very slick but already costly tablet (Image Credit: Apple)


The theory is that the next-gen iPad Pros would come in two sizes, 11.1-inch and 13-inch, so slightly larger than the existing tablets, but the major upgrade would be the shift to an OLED panel.

However, getting those high-quality panels from LG and Samsung would be a costly affair, and a report from The Elec (a Korean tech site) makes it clear that the bump in price might be significant.

It doubtless won’t surprise you to learn that Apple isn’t planning on absorbing that chunky uptick in the overall bill of materials, so the end cost, or at least some of it, is very likely to be passed on to consumers. And as we all know, the iPad Pro isn’t exactly cheap as it stands – the slate’s already very costly (albeit an excellent quality piece of hardware for that outlay, there’s no argument on that score).

According to the report from The Elec, the extra cost of these OLED panels is tied up in some fancy production processes, including tech to make the screen thinner (and therefore the tablet itself more svelte and premium-looking).

The plan is also to employ a two-stack tandem structure with two emission layers with the panel (compared to a single-stack for iPhones).

That will double the brightness of the display, no less, and theoretically provide a fourfold increase in the lifespan of the screen – seriously impressive stuff if it comes to fruition.

In the case of longevity, Apple thinks that a consumer will be holding onto a tablet for a much lengthier period of time than a smartphone, so the screen needs to last better. We can’t argue with the logic there.

A lot of potential upgrades are in the cards, then, which is good to hear. Let’s just hope that any impact on the price tag isn’t too much of a shock, because as we mentioned, the iPad Pro is already a costly proposition as it is.