Apple iPhone 14 Plus review: Is bigger always better?


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Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Let’s talk about size. We spend half our time being told that it matters (cars, bank accounts, etc.). There are entire states based on how much it matters — hello, Texas. Then, we spend the rest of our time being told that maybe size isn’t as important, it’s more about how you use what you have. We had a pretty clear idea of which side Apple fell on for a while, but things are different now. Small is out, and large is in. Instead of an iPhone 14 Mini, we get this, the Apple iPhone 14 Plus.

About this article: I used the Apple iPhone 14 Plus for two weeks. It was running iOS 16 for the duration of my testing, and the unit was bought by Android Authority for the purpose of this article.

What they say about big phones

apple iphone 14 plus home screen

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

A big battery and a big display. That’s it. That’s about all the iPhone 14 Plus inherited from its 6.7-inch sibling, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Otherwise, this feels like an iPhone 14 that Apple locked in the gym. I can only assume that it wasn’t allowed to come out until it was as tall and wide as the top-of-the-line flagship. Don’t worry, it’s no thicker than any other iPhone, and the cameras aren’t as obtrusive as the ones on the Pro models.

Its dual rear cameras — both 12MP — are plucked straight from the iPhone 14, along with the satin aluminum frame and colorful candy-like finishes. Sure, the iPhone 14 Plus has a display to rival the size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but it has much more in common with its simplified sibling. The 60Hz refresh rate, 1,200 nits of peak brightness, and sharp Full HD+ resolution help to set the tone as clues that you’re not at the top of Apple’s lineup. The good old notch is still kicking around, a constant reminder that you didn’t splurge for the new Dynamic Island.

The iPhone 14 Plus has all the charm of an iPhone 14 that was locked in the gym for just a little too long.

Everything is right where you’d expect it to be as you make your way around the frame — the power button is on the right, the volume rocker and mute switch are on the left, and the Lightning port holds down the bottom edge. It’s all there, well, except for the SIM tray on US…