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  1. Teresa Sproles says:

    I was looking to get this phone for my daughter but was told not to get an iphone because you can't update them. Is this true?

  2. Ilze Grina says:

    I am buying it in 2018. The SE is too small for me to watch videos comfortably, so I am going to get this one.

  3. Ren Tin Tin says:

    Attension! Only idiot America country people are buy such dum device as this one sir! In my country the Koskovich-12 Smarts Phone is greatest in all of entire whole world! We laugh at your Apples guy invention of inferior quality sir! hahahaha!! Sorry.

  4. Narg Ali says:

    great review, thank you- and yes why are they making phones weird and slippery??! i thought it was just my clusy ways! x

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