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  1. Bryan Mora says:

    the iphone X fucking sucks i have one and so duz my cousin and u cant even fucking touch the screen u have to punch it so it can work and it gets annoying the iphone is sucks ass

  2. chicuco n says:

    Apple is a monopoly phone company the phone is in real life is worth like 150 bucks or less they are made in china or india ..but the other 600 dollars that you pay its for the program if lg could install the apple program into 59 dollar aristo every one would buy one right away..iphone has a nice camera n graphics ill say that much for it but thats it..apple know that what people like its the program not those bulky so yesyerday looking phones, that look the same scince that bum of steve jobs came up with it back in like 1940..

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