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  1. Uday Satish says:

    Mobile phones
    How it grew from being just a device to make phone calls to an ALL IN ONE piece of technology

  2. MariahVEVO Carey says:

    now you can see s9 so fast than iphone x . but after 1 years . you will to know how all people love ios and iphone :)
    Android not save and slow after one years .

  3. UltraFighter18 says:

    The Galaxy S9 is definitely the better looking phone, it's incredibly sexy. It has something that draws you towards it.
    What I find amusing is how some apple fans still insist that Samsung's flagship phones "feel cheap", "like plastic".
    That's a very stupid claim, it's like claiming that water feels dry. It's doesn't make any sense.

  4. Jim Nesta says:

    I compared my coworker's iPhone X with my Galaxy S7 edge and I consider them to be roughly on par. My wireless download speeds are significantly faster than his though, surprisingly.

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