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  1. Kevin Contreras says:

    This was my first iPod/mp3 player I ever got back in 2007. It felt so great to have it for the first time. After 10 years, the battery life on it is not so great anymore, but it has lasted a lot more than my other iPods.

  2. Emdie says:

    I love this iPod, this is the only Apple product that i own and its been 7 or 8 years already since i bought, and its still working perfectly.

  3. busterkeatonsbriefs says:

    Ahh the nostalgia. Had one of these for years before it came to a premature watery end down a manhole, the only apple thing I've ever owned. I loved the shape and feel of it. I have no interest in the latest ipods as I'm not a fan of touch screens.

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