Apple is giving the iPhone 12 an exciting, unexpected new upgrade – BGR


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  • The iPhone 12 series will feature a new design, as well as several new hardware improvements, according to recent rumors.
  • One of the notable iPhone 12 changes concerns the accessories that Apple will include with the new handsets.
  • The iPhone 12 might not get a free charger or EarPods, but Apple will deliver a welcome upgrade to the charging cable, addressing durability issues that affected previous cables.

The upcoming iPhone 12 series will feature a brand new design — the first since the iPhone X’s arrival three years ago. The iPhone 12 will also be the first series of Apple smartphones to support 5G connectivity, and that might be part of the reason why a redesign is needed. Apple has to squeeze a 5G modem and a new 5G antenna inside the thin chassis without compromising the size of the battery in the process. Having flat sides instead of rounded edges might also help with the phone’s durability, not to mention that some users may have simply grown tired of the current iPhone design.

The new iPhone series will deliver other notable firsts. All four models will have OLED displays, as Apple is ditching LCD screens, and the iPhone 12 will come in four versions, including a more compact 5.4-inch model. All the phones will be powered by the same next-gen A14 Bionic processor that Apple unveiled during the iPad Air presentation last week, and the Pro phones will get the LiDAR sensor of the 2020 iPad Pro. This will also be the first iPhone generation to ship without a charger and free EarPods in the box. The costlier 5G components may explain Apple’s decision, in part. But Apple is also looking to cut waste with its products and is preparing users for a truly wireless future. This is where one of the most exciting iPhone 12 features comes in — a feature I’ve been waiting years to see.

I’ve been buying extra charging cables for the iPhones for years, and not just for myself. I’ve been doing it for other family members as well, and it’s usually the same reason why the charging cable needs replacement. The plastic wore off or broke to the point where it’s not working, or it’s not advisable to use it. But a couple of years ago, I decided I had enough…