Apple Is Set To Launch A Bigger Macbook Air In 2023


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Unlike in MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air only comes in one size: 13 inches. There are rumors that a new MacBook Air revamp will be released this year, however, such rumors do not indicate whether the screen size will be increased or decreased.

Based on the reports, Apple is rumored to be working on a new MacBook Air design for later this year. It was rumored the other day that Apple would release a larger MacBook Air model with a 15-inch display, but it appears that’s not all. According to DSCC CEO Ross Young, Apple’s current 13-inch MacBook Air might see a modest size increase as well.

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There were also hints that a new MacBook Air with so many changes and enhancements is on the road, and reports say that the device will debut in mid to late 2022. This increase in measurement, although, is really minor. Right now, the current 13-inch MacBook Air measures 13.3 inches, but according to Young, it will likely be boosted to 13.6 inches, which means the real difference will be 0.3 inches, which we’re not sure will be obvious.

Even though the MacBook Air has been upgraded each year since 2017, Apple has updated it irregularly in recent years, introducing two new versions in 2020 and with no obvious trend before that. Nowadays that Mac controls its own proprietary silicon for the MacBook Air rather than relying on Intel CPUs, the MacBook Air is expected to receive more frequent upgrades in the future.

Apple is expected to launch a completely new design with lower bezels on the dimensions for the MacBook Air update. This means Apple may increase the display size without increasing the overall size of the laptop, allowing it to fit into existing 13-inch laptop sleeves.

Cover Image: Unsplash