Apple launches new ‘Why Mac’ website to showcase its personal computer

Apple has launched a new website called “Why Mac” in which the company makes its case for why the Mac is the best personal computing experience you can find.

Easy to learn. Astoundingly powerful. And designed to let you work, play, and create in ways you never imagined. It’s the computer that comes packed with apps that are ready to go right out of the box. Free, regular software updates keep things up to date and running smoothly. And if you already have an iPhone, it feels familiar from the moment you turn it on.

The first part of the Mac that the website highlights is the setup process, which has been made quite simple with iCloud over the years.

With Mac, there’s no complicated setup process. Sign in to your iCloud account, and information from your iPhone or iPad appears automatically. Use Migration Assistant to transfer your settings, user accounts, and more in a snap. And if you have questions or need help, Apple Support is always just an online chat, phone call, or in‑store appointment away.

Apple also highlights continuity, which makes it easy for the Mac to work seamlessly with your other Apple products.

Mac is the perfect companion to your other Apple devices. Read a message on your Apple Watch and reply from your Mac. Start a presentation on your Mac and rehearse it on your iPhone while you’re on the go. Unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. Or even share entire photo albums with friends from across the room.

And, of course, Apple highlights how the Mac is private

The M1 chip and macOS Big Sur bring Mac the most advanced security of any personal computer. Mac comes with built-in protections against malware and viruses, and it gives you the freedom to choose what you share and how you share it. FileVault even encrypts your entire system for added security. So no matter what you’re doing, Mac helps your private information stay that way.

You can check out more on the Why Mac website.

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