Apple looks at magnetic induction to power mobile devices

According to a recent patent, Apple may extend the power range of its mobile devices with the help of a tiny electromagnetic induction system.

A post on the Patently Apple site reports that the proposed system uses printed electrical traces on the circuit board of the iOS device. As the user shakes the device or walks around (dances around), a set of small magnets is caused to move along the printed circuit board and generate electricity that can help charge the battery.

According to Apple’s patent, one or more moveable magnets may be used to harness power through electromagnetic induction. For example, a system may include a single magnet adjacent to one side of a coil array. In another example, a system may include a first magnet adjacent to a side of a coil array and a second magnet adjacent to an opposite side of the coil array. The two magnets may move freely alongside the printed coils or they may be coupled together so that they move in unison.

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